The Authors:

Barry and Patricia, August, 2016

Barry and Patricia, August, 2016

Barry Grundland, MD

Patricia Kay, MA, CCH, CSD

Dr. Barry Grundland was a psychiatrist whose specialty area was psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body healing). Cell Level Meditation was his life work, and he worked in many arenas: from child psychiatry (his favorite) to the military; he worked with corporate presidents and homeless people; he consulted in prisons and cancer retreat centers. Barry worked with people all over the world and helped them heal from things modern-day medicine hasn’t been able to cure. He has also worked creatively with some of the most evolved people on the planet to develop their talents more fully. For over 40 years, he worked with people as a true healer with incredible insight and compassion.

Patricia Kay discovered the connections between the mind, the body, and the Spirit by working as a midwife in rural Mexico for 11 years (along with serious personal health crises that opened doors of awareness). She also studied homeopathy under master homeopathic physicians and has been working with this spirit-like modality for over 30 years, delving into the intelligent and poetic patterns found within the body. Through both midwifery and homeopathy, she’s had the privilege of witnessing the amazing capacity of the body and mind to heal themselves in ways that are often surprisingly creative.


Working with the deep intelligence of the body/mind through meditation was a logical next step in her development. She met Barry about 7 months after a very remarkable and spontaneous experience of Cell Level Meditation, in which her foot spontaneously healed, while she was present in a meditative state, “watching it happen.” Barry accepted her as a student and a co-creative process began in 2001 that would find a voice of expression through the book they wrote and published in 2009. She was his student and friend for 15 years:


“Barry passed out of this world at the end of 2016. A week after his death, sitting in quiet meditation one morning, I heard him clearly say, ‘Patricia! I made it!’ I’m not sure what that means, but truly, it was a delight and comfort to assume he’s onto another level of the Mystery. He left behind a trail of breadcrumbs and insights into the nature of reality that ultimately led to his observation that Life is a Mystery and the Cells sing its song!”