People who have used this meditation say:


"I have participated in and used a number of different healing methods.  Some involve guided meditation or affirmations.  Another I just learned leads us to feel and sense what is present in our bodies and engage with it by noticing the color, texture, size, shape, etc. of the sensation.  These methods are all valuable. However, in my experience, Cell Level Meditation takes it a step further.  I have been doing Cell Level Meditation with Patricia Kay regularly for about 5 years with amazing and surprising results.  Cell Level Meditation is not a way to control, manipulate or objectify our sensations.  By encouraging us to "go into" and "become" the sensation, Cell Level Meditation takes us to a deeper and more profound place of healing.  It provides the opportunity for healing body, mind and spirit at a deep level that is hard to access by other means."


Linda Thill, Austin, TX

"When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Instead of dwelling in the uncertainty of the disease I had the privilege of working with Dr. Barry Grundland. I was so fearful of the western medicine cancer prognosis. Barry, with his immense knowledge of the Western, Eastern and New Age medicine, helped weave together the medicine worlds that helped me turn my fear into a temple of hope and understanding. The meditation and breath work is an inward journey, all the way to the depths of the cell. The work aspires to create a dialogue with the healthy and diseased cells. In Barry's calm tone, he'd tell me, "the healing is within the disease." Today, I am a yoga instructor, artist and actor. And, I am 10 years clean of the cancer cell."


Io Bottoms, Los Angeles, CA

"For 2.5 years I have been healing and transforming from an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I've been helped by conventional treatments, homeopathy, dietary changes, yoga.  Of the most profound healing work I've done so far, has been with Patricia Kay and using Cell Level Meditation.  CLM is like strolling through an enchanted forest which is both scary and sacred at the same time.  But with the strength and gentleness of my Nature Spirit guide (Patricia) I was able to encounter the darkest shadows, warty nosed witches, and even giant, unforgiving ogres!  With Patricia's guidance and loving presence, and this process of deeply tuning in, of sensing and following breath and awareness together, of holding space and refining it again and again, I feel that I am becoming aware of the very flow of aliveness within me.  I am learning to stay present with that.  Creation is always happening.  Turning a light on in this way, it's as if something very primal gets listened to, and witnessed.  And often, to my surprise, I've found what was once a cement block of tension disintegrate into the smoothness of oneness!  I was able to face the ogre looming over me, strangling me, choking me.  I sat with, became curious about, and sensed the ogre.  I followed the breath and then, I became the ogre.  Becoming one with the truth that is- this is the kind of Divine Place where magic and healing occurs."


Monique Arsenault, Bellingham, WA

"Patricia encouraged me to try cell meditation to restore my thyroid. My body was rejecting the treatment medication. I meditated and visualized thyroid workers busy with repair. Sure enough a final blood test revealed significant improvement with no further need for management. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can be so powerful."


Beth Thompson, Olympia, WA

"Here I was, an average 43-year old homemaker, raising 2 small kids, doing normal things, when I got the diagnosis of breast cancer. I went to Patricia Kay, a homeopath, and she suggested we work with Cell Level Meditation. After trying meditation for years and never getting anywhere, I was doubtful. But, I got into this meditation the first time I tried. Soon, I was able to visualize my cells and communicate with them! Not once, but twice, I have been able to rid myself of cancer beyond all my doctors' expectations. They didn't think I'd live! I've been free of cancer for over 10 years now. Oh! Once, I removed some cataracts. When I went in to my appointment to have them removed, they were nowhere to be found. I was meditationally challenged, but Cell Level Meditation came easily to me and has obviously worked to help me get and stay healthy."


Debbie Hansen, Elma, WA

"My oncologist spotted a supraclavicular lymph node that had been growing on my affected left side, and I was told it was cancer that was metastasizing. I followed Patricia's instructions in familiarizing myself and communicating with my body, down to my healthy and the rogue cells. No time to stop now. I laid it all on the line. I put myself into a cell level meditation for a solid week prior to the biopsy, stopping only for meals and sleep.

On the operating table the doctor used an ultrasound wand to locate the diseased node so he could remove it for the biopsy. He seemed to fiddle around for quite a while, then stopped and whispered to his assistant. I had been sedated and my eyes where covered by a cloth so I couldn't see what was happening. A second doctor came into the OR, conversed quietly with the first, took the wand, and again began to go over the area where the lymph node was located. He finally stopped, took the cloth off my eyes, and said, "Mrs. Feldman, I advise you to go buy a lottery ticket today. Your lymph node is completely gone."


Lynne Feldman, Upper Saddle River, NJ

"Most of the "Imagery Practitioners" seemed to be intent upon intruding their notions of what the patient "should" visualize in order to defeat one's disease.  This was the mistake that Simonton made:  taking the effective imagery that one patient created and offering that to another patient similarly afflicted.  That might work with antibody production, but not with Imagery work. So, rather than Guided Imagery we went to Unguided Imagery.  I preferred the name EVOKED Imagery work. E VOCA means to elicit, to extract from the voice and the words of the Patient.

As individuals were asked to describe their sense of the problem or condition, they usually would say something like, “this is going to sound really crazy (weird, strange, bizarre) but it looks like, it seems like…” There was some sense they couldn't say this any place else.  Then we would inquire if the image was ok with them.  If not, what would they change? For that change to occur, did they have resources within themselves to resolve it? (If yes, we then would follow that out.  If no, this might lead to the realization of  a needs for another intervention such as chemotherapy.  If chemo was required, we helped them find a better course through chemo.)  Barry and I both saw cases where a well-intentioned therapist intruded into the patient's process rather than finding what was unique and true for that person.

This approach is ancient.  Socrates did it in extracting the answers from the mouths of the questioners."


Dr. Rocco Ruggiero, worked with Barry in Napa in the early days of developing this work; he shared this In a personal communication
Napa, CA

"I worked with another healer, who did it “to me.” In working with Cell Level Meditation, Patricia engaged me and partnered with me so I could have the tools to heal myself. She had me go into myself. She took me into my body to explore it with consciousness. Then she had me bring in the breath. It was like being taken on a safari, not to Africa, but though the territories I could explore in my body. She was the Queen on the riverboat, acting as a guide, but I could do the exploration! Oh, is that an elephant? What is that elephant communicating to me? Embodiment is empowerment. And I have been empowered by learning to work with this tool! I believe a true healer is a guide--she doesn’t do it for you, but she’s a few steps further down the road and knows when to lend a hand to help you over a log and when to stand back and let you have the experience you need to find your own way."


Karen Rezny, Austin, TX